Hello mate!

Christmas is in the air! Everyone’s excited (except maybe…me). I can feel the presence of merriment and jolly jingles around the neighborhood. Christmas songs are everywhere. Christmas lights are lit brighter and firecrakers are starting to scare me. Continue reading “My Friday Currently S02E03”


Last March, my best friend wrote a poem for me as one of her graduation gifts, but I wasn’t able to encode and post it. It was only yesterday that I’ve seen the poem again. I then decided to post it here. Continue reading “Applause to the Lassie”

a universe, when it should be bigger than us

fader and fader, wider and wider

a rain, when it should be sadder today

sweeter and sweeter, colder and colder

a thing, an item, humans as we are

our love bigger than the universe

should be sweeter than rain

our life, as it fades when time stood still

gets wider ----our purpose

here and there, on cold good earth.

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